About One Shift School

In our situations it is very essential for every primary school to conduct one shift school beacause students get more time to practice and perticipate in task of class and teacher also get more chance to teach. Supplimentary class is a significant role to express pupils own creativities.It is essential for each students to explore their own ideas. One shift schools has oportunity to take part these activities.I highly recommend if any school has more clasroom and sufficient teachers please start soon.
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I am a teacher,I am richer then a millionaire

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A good teacher is like a candle, its consumes itself to light and pave the way.

বন্ধ জানালা খুলে দাও,আলো ঢুকবে কক্ষে,বাঁচবে বিদ্যুৎ দেশপ্রেম জাগবে বক্ষে।

আমরা নীতিতে কঠোর কিন্তু আচরণে কোমল, আমাদের স্কুল আনন্দের এক রঙিন ফুল।